Having primarily started out as a digital/web graphic designer, my history and experience with print didn’t fully evolve until I was with Quick Mount PV. Today, my skills include working with Adobe InDesign and Illustrator for booklets, tradeshow banners, flyers and more.

Penguin Computing

For Penguin Computing, much of the print work involved were for tradeshow banners and datasheets often using the same template due to the sheer amount of work volume. Some of the more interesting projects, however, included working on the company’s solution guides as well as tradeshow cardboard placeholders, which could be found on the tradeshow page.

Project Highlight: Tundra OCP Solutions Project

Quick Mount PV

After accepting my first full-time visual designer gig at Quick Mount PV in 2017, my skills as a print designer really started to flourish as I refined the ability to create high-quality production work. Since I no longer had to fight tight deadlines to meet efficiency needs, I had more time to work on improving my design skills and working directly with print companies.

Project Highlight: Quick Mount PV Company Brochure

Other Print Work

Below is a small select sample of other print work that I’ve done throughout the years.