Goal: To create a universal logo or badge that would serve to explain the company’s new services as a “one stop solution” and serve as the central image for the QRail visual design campaign.Quick Mount PV Complete Solutions SealAs my first big digital Illustration project with the company, Quick Mount PV’s complete solution systems seal was composited over the course of two weeks while I was simultaneously leading the rest of the visual design campaign for the product’s launch. The rest of the design campaign involved strategic ideation across the span of four months as we updated and created new QRail documents. This included researching our closest competitors and how they sold their rails, updating existing product brouchers, product banners, our sample page, home page and more.qmpv-webpage-seal-12918qmpv-catalog-seal-12918


Using Adobe Illustrator, I drew inspiration from pop culture icons including Nintendo’s Fire Emblem, Marvel Studio’s Infinity War along with a few others to produce something that would be instantly memorable and recognizable for the company. After a series of four ideas, we chose the current design. 

The four colors represents Quick Mount’s traditional prop values, all flowing into each other to complete the cycle, demonstrating QMPV as a complete solutions provider. Techniques included were using gradient meshing, texture wrapping and manual lighting for each prop value. Additionally, a responsive version was designed as well for compatibility across multiple screens and resolutions.


Personally, I would have to consider the “Complete Mounting & Racking Systems” as my lasting legacy for the company. As they had attempted to introduce a new line of products called the QRail, this was a crucial design campaign where I had the largest imprint on the company. It was the longest cycle, the closest that I had to work with our engineer team along with NDAs that had to be kept away from even some of my old co-workers until everything was ready.

Other projects that were involved with the QRail visual design launch included designing packaging, product datasheet and redesigning the company’s HTML email template for a 20-30% increase in click throughs for sample requests. As the marketing manager was looking for a new, more vibrant template I decided to use the visual looks of our existing catalogs in order to create something that was both new as well as familiar to our customers.

Revised Email Template with High-Fidelity Wireframe
QRail Product Datasheet