Below are examples of corporate artwork for tradeshow events while I was working at Quick Mount PV and Penguin Computing as a full-time visual designer/marketing assistant. As both were established companies, brand consistency was key.

Penguin Computing

As a very tradeshow-focused company, Penguin Computing had very tight turn arounds as there were often multiple tradeshows every week around the world. For a small team of three, this was a very daunting task as it often required us to design booth layouts, ship material and introduce new products throughout the year. While this didn’t leave a whole lot of time for designing fresh new ideas, there were still plenty of projects that required out-of-the-box thinking such as how we would display graphic card capabilities while mitigating the risks associated with shipping and displaying $50,000.00+ worth of material at events. The solution? Cardboard cutouts.

Project Highlight: Penguin Computing FrostByte™ Rack

Quick Mount PV

For Quick Mount PV, having only two major tradeshows to work on was a breath of fresh air as it allowed me to focus on quality production vs efficiency. This meant that I had time to design more intricate exhibits and show customers QMPV’s company values through interaction.