After realizing that I could turn my design strengths into becoming a UX designer in the mid to late 2017, I began my pursuit of trying to transition my career as the field intrigued me. After learning the basic foundations of user experience and design from online learning, I realized that a lot of the A/B testing and summative research that I did within marketing and as a visual designer really lent themselves well towards the field.

Quick Mount PV

After taking an introduction to web design class at Diablo Valley College in mid-2017, I began to gain a full understanding of what it meant to design better user experiences. Utilizing A/B testing and summative research, I spearheaded an increase in the amount of leads generated from our HTML emails and web ads for sample requests. Additionally, I had a chance to work on improving the overall workflow for the company’s QDesign software UI.

Project Highlight: UI Improvements for QDesign™


After a downsizing at my previous company, I actively opted to pursue furthering knowledge in the UX and UI online with CourseEra using their MOOC-based approach to learning. Not only did I find this extremely rewarding, but it allowed me to learn the insides of researching and designing better interfaces for users as well. To date, I have eight UX/UI certifications from the University of Minnesota and CalArts.

Schoolwork Highlights: HeartTrends and JavaStix


Designed as a health-based app to help people improve maintain fitness and improve their heartrate as an end goal, I took inspiration from the medical industry and gave it a clinical feel using a minimalist palette and large numbers for visibility.


Created an interactive mobile prototype for a coffee-based social media/Yelp-type app. The goal was to create a mockup that catered towards coffee lovers and being able to find a coffee shop no matter where they were in the world. Additionally, I wanted to design something that was useful and easy-to-use. I decided to prototype the “add a new shop” function pathway for the assignment. Designed with Adobe XD and Balsamiq.

Rezznik Studios

Below are low-fidelity wireframes that I created for my site prior to creation with Balsamiq. As you could tell from the early prototypes, it’s been a very agile process with multiple launches to get it right. While I’ve kept the overall theme of the site, it’s undergone quite a bit of evolution since early mockups.

Project Highlight: Style Sheets